New Source For Halo 4 Info

Posted 06 Jun 2012 in Featured

If you’ve noticed a lack of updates to this site, that’s because we’ve moved! You can get info for new Halo games over at the Halo 4 section of, and we’ve also got a brand new Halo 4 Forum available to you!

We enjoyed spreading the latest info about…

Renew your Account for 12 Months, Get Halo: Reach or Fable 3 Free

Posted 23 Feb 2011 in Deals,News

Microsoft and the folks running the Xbox 360 are currently offering an incredible deal. If you are a gold member and want to renew for another 12 months or are a silver member and want to finally step it up to gold with a 12 month subscription you’ll have a pretty nice incentive to do so. Purchase a 12 month subscription(upgrade or renewel) and get one of these games free!…

‘Grunt BirthDay Party’ Skull Comes to Life

Posted 04 Jan 2011 in Fan-made,News

The Grunt Birthday Party skull has been a simple yet favorite among halo fans but these hardcore gamers took it to a new level. Crafted out of household items that were on hand, these two brothers created a real-life papier-mâché grunt filled with confetti and loading up with a exploding rifle target. The only thing left do is shoot at it with a real gun and see what happens. Check…

Amazon Halo: Reach Deals, Save up to 50%

Posted 14 Dec 2010 in Deals,News

If you were disappointed not to get the Legendary edition of Halo: Reach or have a family member or friend that would love a copy of Halo: Reach this holiday season, then this is the deal you’ve been looking for. Right now, is holding awesome savings on all 3 Halo: Reach game products, including just the original copy, limited edition and legendary edition. Here’s a rundown of the savings:…

Black Friday Halo: Reach Sales & Deals

Posted 22 Nov 2010 in News

After Thanksgiving Day Sales I’m sure all of you are well aware of Black Friday, well, at least you better be.. Black Friday is known as the day after American Thanksgiving Day when everyone hits the malls and department stores looking for great deals on anything and everything. Although many retailers let consumers buy online, some deals are exclusive to in-store purchases. Video games are a hot ticket item this…

Noble Map Pack HD Video Tease

Posted 27 Oct 2010 in Multiplayer,News,Trailers,Video

It’s about time for some new maps, isn’t it? The Noble map pack is shaping up to deliver just what the fans have been itching for. Releasing on November 30th, the map pack will feature 3 new territories to wage war on: Breakpoint, Anchor 9, and Tempest. Check out the trailer below to see what you can expect come November 30th.

Noble 6 Avatar Helmet Giveaway, Results (Week 2)

Posted 18 Oct 2010 in Contests

Week 2 is over and as always, HRI thanks everyone who participated. As a reminder, the rules were pretty straight forward, sign-up on our Halo Reach Forum and introduce yourself to the community. That would have given you an entry in the drawing to win a Noble 6 avatar helmet. Enough babble though, the second and last winner for our Noble 6 avatar helmet giveaway is barbarian0324! Check your PMs…

Noble 6 Avatar Helmet Giveaway, Winner and Week 2

Posted 11 Oct 2010 in Contests

Week 1 is over and we want to thank all of you who contributed by signing on the forums and introducing yourself. If you didn’t win this round, don’t worry, all who signed up and posted on the forums will automatically be entered in this week’s giveaway. Remember to check back for a PM on the forums, this is how we will contact you. The rules for entry haven’t changed,…