Noble 6 Avatar Helmet Giveaway, Results (Week 2)

Posted 18 Oct 2010 in Contests

Week 2 is over and as always, HRI thanks everyone who participated. As a reminder, the rules were pretty straight forward, sign-up on our Halo Reach Forum and introduce yourself to the community. That would have given you an entry in the drawing to win a Noble 6 avatar helmet.

Enough babble though, the second and last winner for our Noble 6 avatar helmet giveaway is barbarian0324! Check your PMs for the code. I’d also like to mention that the previous winner is MIA so I’ll be selecting another winner who may have the opportunity to snatch up a code before it is used. Keep logging in or checking your email for a new PM! Thanks for playing everyone.

Posted by Rhapsody
  • barbarian0324

    Thanks Rhapsody> Cant wait to use it

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